Service. Education. Community.

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SECNY has a new look!

(But we're still the same Credit Union)

For almost 52 years, SECNY Federal Credit Union has proudly been serving CNY school employees, students, businesses, neighbors and families. 2023 brings us a new year full of exciting opportunities including a new full-service branch, new student branch, and…  A NEW LOOK!

A few years ago, we began to explore a visual update to our brand with focus on our mission and core values. With the help of our members, staff, board, and local partners, we are excited to reveal the next evolution, not revolution, of SECNY Federal Credit Union.

We invite you to be part of the fun as we launch a new logo, brand and colors. While we are still a Central New favorite, and still primarily blue, here is what's changing as part of our brand refresh:

New Logo

SECNY Federal Credit Union

Our new logo depicts energy, commitment to education and service to everyone in Central New York. All components of who SECNY Federal Credit Union has been and continues to be: a standout example of people helping people, from our early days in an office in Tully, to our current network of branches serving Onondaga, Cayuga, Madison, and Oneida counties.

The name SECNY was created as moniker from our original field of membership, School Employees of Central New York. After we became a community Credit Union in 2001, it evolved to Serving Everyone in Central New York. We are continuing a long standing tradition in which our moniker is more than it seems. We are proud to represent and honor Service, Education, and Community in Central New York. 

New Mission

We recently celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2021. With that milestone in mind, we took a deeper dive into our mission and core values and how they effected our priorities going into the future.

Our Mission: To cultivate lasting relationships that nurture and strengthen our communities. We create thriving partnerships with our members by promoting financial responsibility through education.

Our new logo contains a representation of the three main pillars that form our mission statement. We strived for our logo to express to our top three values: service, education, and community. The "E" in SECNY visually represents those three pillars in the horizonal lines of the letter. The three pillars move forward and parallel with one another throughout our relationships with our members and communities.

New Colors

Dark blue has been and will continue to be our primary color. We have added a lighter teal blue, green and orange to correspond with our top 3 values: service, education, and community. You'll notice these colors on our refreshed website, digital services and gradually our physical and print item like debit and credit cards. 

E service education communityNew Icon

The focus on our three pillars of service, education, and community allow us to use "E" as icon for items in the future, creating a easily recognizable short form of our name. In todays increasingly mobile-first world, we can use our icon for smaller handheld uses and spaces.


You will notice updates to our logo and branding on all our digital and physical communications over the coming months. Most importantly, everything with our classic logo will continue to be honored. Your debit card, credit card, and checks, and other materials will be updated during 2023 as we work to make adjustments across our service portfolio. We remain CNY's Community Credit Union with focus on personalized service and deep connections to our communities and that is not changing.

Your home is our home. We are Central New York. Thank you for your continued membership and support!