Improve Your Credit Score

Check your Credit Score SECNY FCU Syracuse NY

You can improve your credit score and protect yourself against identity theft.

  • Prevent identity theft through free credit monitoring. Watch for things like new accounts being opened, changes in address or anything that looks "off".
  • Understand what influences your score, and make the right financial choices.
  • Increasing your score can help you qualify for lower interest rates and save you money. The better your score, the better the rates!

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Check Credit Score for Free SECNY FCU Syracuse NY

Prevent Identity Theft

Monitor your score... and more! Log in to online or mobile banking to:

  • Take control of your credit score and report
  • Understand your credit and how to improve it with personalized tips
  • Monitor your credit with important alerts
  • Identify credit bureau errors
  • Find savings opportunities

How do I view my credit score?

To view your credit score, you must first enroll in online banking. Access your credit score after logging in then scroll down on the accounts page. Click on the Your credit Score Widget.

Or download the mobile banking app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. After downloading the app and logging in with your online banking credentials, you’ll be able to access your credit score from the “Accounts” screen or the “More” menu.

Is there a fee for checking my credit score?

No. Checking your credit score is absolutely free.

Will checking my credit score hurt my score?

No. Checking your credit score via our online banking or mobile banking app only performs a “soft pull” on your credit, which does not affect your score.

Is there a limit on how often I can check my credit score?

No. You are free to check your credit score as often as you’d like.

If you have any questions regarding our new services contact us at 315-469-5599We look forward to providing more convenience to your member experience!

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