Green Loans

Green Loans Financing Made Simple

Going green just got simple.

SECNY Federal Credit Union now offers simplified financing options with special advantages for specific loans.

Start Your Green Loan Application

image of car visual representation of electric car loansReward yourself for going green.

Why Green? Going green helps lower costs and save money.

Green Loan financing options include:

Home Improvement Loan for Solar Panel Projects

Homeowners usually see a reduction in home energy bills with an increase in the home's market value.

Electric Vehicles and Electric Bicycles

e-Bike Green LoansAn electric car means no fuel costs and zero tailpipe emissions which means cleaner air. With an electric bicycle, there are additional physical health benefits, too!

Storage and Charging Stations

Enjoy the option of including products associated and sometimes necessary with Solar and Electric items.

Special rates plus loan advantages.

It’s that simple.

Rates effective 7/1/2020. Rates subject to change without notice. Credit restrictions apply. All loans require automatic payment.

Take an additional 0.25% OFF rates listed with one of the following:

*Maximum discount 0.25%. Rate discount excludes Share Secured Loans, Credit Cards and Lines of Credit Loans. All loan payments require automatic payment from a SECNY FCU account.

Home Improvement Loans for Solar Panel & Solar Storage

Rate as Low As Available Terms
5.25% 1-12 months
5.25% 24 months
5.25% 36 months
5.50% 48 months
5.50% 60 months
5.75% 72 months
5.75% 84 months
6.00% 96 months
6.50% 120 months

Loan Application Payment Calculator

Maximum $50,000. Copy of deed required. Work Estimate Required.
Maximum two loan recalculations done when State and Federal rebates are applied to principal as a GREEN ADVANTAGE* Contact Loan officer for more details.

Electric Cars & Motorcycles:  2020 - 2018 Model Years

Up to 100% Financing

APR as low as Term
2.00% 12 months
2.00% 24 months
2.00% 36 months
2.25% 48 months
2.50% 60 months
2.75% 72 months
3.00% 84 months

Loan Application Auto Loan Calculator

Members will be allowed two loan recalculations once they apply the full amount of any tax credit and/or rebate as a GREEN ADVANTAGE. Contact Loan officer for more details.

Electric Bicycles:  2020, 2019 Models

APR as low as Term
3.00% Up to 60 Months

Loan Application Loan Calculator