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How to Build Credit

You have the power to control your credit history. Start smart and make your history a great one with Credit Kickstart!

You've seen the commercials. You've heard the talk of how important your credit is. Knowing how to build credit can be what stands between you and a bright financial future.

Who's there to help? We are.

We've been working hard to make it easy for you figure out how to build credit in a more secure way, without the risks that come from other options. We're introducing our special Credit Kickstart Loan just for our Save2Earn members. That's Y-O-U.

Want to get started on your credit history?

Our Credit Kickstart Loan is your answer for "how to build credit." To find out more or to talk with one of our Loan Officers and ask about the Credit Kickstart Loan for Save2Earn members...

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So, how does this work?

First, fill out our Loan Application for the amount you wish to start with.

If approved, the funds are then deposited into your account and put on hold.

Each month, make your monthly payment on time.

After you make your payment, the funds are then released into your account for you to use.

How to Build Credit: Establishing a Payment History

Payment history is one of the most weighted of all factors contributing to your credit score. This program is a great way to help you set off on the right path to a positive financial future! Sometimes even more so than a credit card or personal loan. Make your history something to be proud of…with Credit Kickstart!

Credit Kickstart is Your Answer to the Question "How to Build Credit"

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