Best Savings Account for Kids

kids savings accounts in Syracuse ny

Enter the Money Mammals Website!

Why Join the Money Mammals?

The Money Mammals Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club is designed to help kids 0-12 years old learn about the value of money in a fun and engaging way.  It includes a multimedia site with videos, games and more.

Does it cost anything to join The Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club?

Open a Money Mammals Kids’ Club Account with $5.00 and you’re in!

This club is designed for kids ages 0-12 and includes:

  • A Membership Club Card
  • Money Mammals Reward Stamp Card
  • Mini Fun Book
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Access to the SECNY Money Mammals website where kids can play games and earn badges!
  • Your child will also receive a special birthday postcard during their birthday month to redeem for $5.00 into their account. If they bring back a completed reward stamp card they get a choice of prize!

What is Needed to Open a Money Mammals Kids Club Account?

Further Questions?

To learn more about the Money Mammals club visit the Parents or Teachers Sections.