Alert Regarding Phone Scams

Reminder and Alert Regarding Phone Scams

One of the latest trends in scam activity is phone number spoofing.  Cybercriminals will spoof caller IDs to deceive our members into giving them their personal banking information. We recently received a notice that scammers have spoofed our main phone number and are posing as credit union employees in an attempt to gain access to debit card One-Time Passcodes. They will use legitimate reason to deceive our members by saying they have detected suspicious fraud activities and they need this information to secure the account.

The best way to avoid falling prey to these scammers is not sharing personal banking information with anyone, especially a one-time passcode, PIN, online banking password or username, Social Security Number or debit/credit card information.

SECNY’s Fraud Department will never call from our main number and SECNY will never call our members to ask for their one-time passcode, PIN, debit/credit number, full Social Security Number or online banking username or password. Members who are contacted by someone looking for this information should immediately hang up the phone and contact us directly at any one of our branch locations.