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Still haven't activated your new MasterCard Debit Card?

In early May 2017, all members who have SECNY Visa Debit Cards were issued new MasterCard Debit Cards.  The deadline to activate your new MasterCard Debit Card has now passed. 

If you received your new MasterCard Debit Card but have not yet activated it, please contact (315) 469-5599 during normal business hours as we will need to activate it manually for you.   After your card has been activated, you will then select your PIN by calling 1-800-992-3808.  If you have not received the new MasterCard Debit, please contact us as soon as possible.

If you have already activated your new MasterCard Debit Card, please continue to use it as normal.

SECNY Visa Debit Cards will no longer work after July 31, 2017.

Your new MasterCard Debit Card comes with additional features and benefits. 

Click here for information related to your new card. 

If you are a member with multiple accounts and currently have multiple Visa Debit Cards, please contact us if there are any questions once you receive your new MasterCard Debit Cards.

PLUS: Stay tuned for information on a Debit Rewards program coming this year!

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