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Important information about recent Debit Card fraud

Recently, we have seen a growing number of debit card fraud alerts (including the most recent KMart compromise involving Visa Debit Cards).  Members should activate their new MasterCard Debit Cards immediately upon receipt. Once you have activated your new MasterCard Debit Card, you may contact us to close your previous Visa Debit Card. 

We want you to know we work very diligently to monitor these types of activities and help our members protect their information.  We encourage members to do the following:

  • Review account activity often.   You can access your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our Virtual Branch Online Account Access.  Should you discover transactions to your account you did not authorize, call the Lost/Stolen Debit Card line at 1-800-472-3272.  Then contact SECNY.  You should always review your monthly statements for any discrepancies.
  • Safeguard your information when making purchases online or over the phone.  Use security software and don’t open files, click on links, or download programs sent by strangers.
  • Look for skimming devices on any ATMs, gas pumps or other electronic card reading devices you may use.  If something looks broken or out of place, don’t use it. 

For information on other ways to prevent identity theft, visit

Protecting our members from fraud is a top priority for SECNY FCU. To give our members additional card security, we use an industry leading Fraud Alert Service, which continuously monitors your Debit Card activity to help identify and prevent fraudulent transactions on your account.

If suspicious charges outside of the norm appear on your card, our Fraud Alert Service may phone you directly on our behalf to confirm the charges. If they are unable to reach you, they will leave a message asking you to call them back to verify your card activity. They will leave a toll free number for you to call. This message may be left by an automated system.

If we are unable to contact you regarding the suspicious charges, your card may be temporarily blocked to prevent any fraudulent activity. The block will be removed once we are able to confirm with you that the charges are legitimate.

Traveling Outside the United States? 
Notify us when you travel outside of the United States with the following information:

  • Where you are traveling
  • How long you will be outside of the country
  • When you plan to return
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